Tiffany White

Software Engineer


I am using current technologies to build robust web applications and sites using JavaScript (ES6), Node, and Express. I am also building small apps with Angular, React, and Swift.


Formerly a student at the University of Pittsburgh's undergraduate Computer Science program and enthusiastic auto-didact learning with freeCodeCamp, Treehouse, Swift with Ray Wenderlich, and a plethora of Udemy courses.


I'm currently sharpening my ES6 skills and learning back-end with Node. I'm also learning other JavaScript frameworks and hope to become competent with Swift.

Latest projects

The Lens Cap
Random Quote Generator
Carl Sagan Tribute Page

Skills and services

My ultimate goal is to become a full-stack web developer and my skill-set constantly changes. Strengths are currently in the front-end, with an intermediate understanding of vanilla JavaScript and a beginner's understanding of Node.

In progress...