Looking for a quick learning junior dev? That's me! Take a look below.

I have college computer science experience as well as self-taught concepts in web dev and computer science. I am expanding my knowledge with math and algorithms. I look forward to working with you.



2 1/2 years working with CSS.

Keyframe animations, transitions, etc. CSS is pretty cool.

2 1/2 years working with Bootstrap.

Looking forward to 4.0 coming out of beta!

2 1/2 years working with JavaScript

Started with ES5 and am starting to get the hang of ES6 and functional paradigms.

5 mos. with Node

Beginner's understanding of Node and Express. Currently building apps with these technologies.

5 mos. with Express

My favorite templating language. Excellent with Node and Mongo.

5 mos. with Mongo

Learning the basics and adding a framework for working with Mongo, Mongoose.

React: Next to Learn

Once I finish with Node, Express, and Mongo I am starting React. Looking forward to the challenge!

Angular: Next to Learn with React

Angular is still an important front-end framework. Currently looking into it.

Check out my Github.

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Let's Get In Touch!

I am excited to learn and build innovative products. If this sounds like a junior dev you'd like to have, get in touch!

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